Substitute Resources

Resources for Substitute Teachers

Monday, Feb 6:  Grades 9, 10, 11 Slide Deck

GRADE 12 - All SENIOR advisory classes will take roll and report to the theater in TADA for a senior presentation. 

GRADES 9, 10, and 11 - Course selection guided by Counseling video 

To get a general idea of what students will be requesting for the 23-34 school year, we have created google forms for them to complete based on grade level. Please note that these are NOT replacing our academic planning meetings/Aeries course requests in April, we are still doing those! 

All students were emailed the link to the form this morning, so it should be towards the top of their inbox. Please show one of the short videos below (choose the correct grade level for your Advisory), and have them complete their google form to the best of their abilities. Although we want them to complete it as accurately as possible, we do realize many questions may come up and there are not enough of us to be in every classroom.....just tell them to try their best. DONE is better than not completing it at all :) Thank you so much!  

  • Announcements/VTV and take roll - 3 minutes
  • SEL Check-in (Scale of Pandas) - 2 minutes
  • Video Guided Course Selection - remaining class time
  • Ask students to open Aeries and navigate to their transcript so that they can see their grades.  Leave this window open for reference as they select classes in the Google Form. 
  • Ask students to check their email for a message from Counseling which includes the link to the Google form for their grade.  Open form.
  • Play the video message from Counseling.  We recommend that you pause the video after the explanation of each course selection to let students check their transcripts and make their choice.  (Play English snippet, 1 min pause to confirm that everyone has chosen an English class, continue video to History, pause again, etc.)  Current Freshmen Video Link Current Sophomore Video Link Current Junior Video Link