Substitute Resources

Resources for Substitute Teachers

Monday, June 5                                                                        Slide Deck

  • Announcements/VTV, Flex signup and take roll (5 min)
    • Remind students they are only signing up for Thursday and Friday Flex due to Tuesday’s minimum day schedule for Senior Project Presentations.  Seniors will only sign up for Thursday Flex (Friday is Grad Practice/Senior Picnic.)
  • End of Year Important Dates (2 min)
    • Review minimum days and other important dates.  Explain students will only have Flex on Tuesday for the last 2 weeks of school due to rally and minimum days. 
  • SENIORS ONLY Gratitude Videos (10 minutes)
    • Please, please encourage students to submit a gratitude video for graduation day.  If you did not play Mr. White’s instructional video, please do so this week.  Let students record outside or with a friend, but please encourage them to submit a video!  All other lesson activities are optional based on the time you have remaining after students record.
    • Contact Mr. White ([email protected]) or see him in TADA 1 If you have any questions. DO NOT submit videos to his email. 

      Video tips and how to upload  

      Submit videos here

  • Reflect and Share (individual, then groups of 3) - 8 minutes
    • Ask students to silently read the reflection questions from the slide and consider their answers.  Give them 2 minutes to reflect and be prepared to share their answers to 2 of the questions.
    • Group students in 3s.  Give them 6 minutes to take turns sharing their answers to 2 of the reflection questions with their group.
  • End of Year Portfolio Summary page  (20 min) 
    • Pass out the Year in Review summary page to each student and ask them to complete all of the spaces as they reflect on this academic year.  Collect at the end of class and save in the students’ Advisory portfolio folders.