• Sports Medicine 1
    • This course explores medical careers and prepares students to be successful in the careers of sports medicine, exercise & fitness and emergency medical care.
    • Students gain certification in CPR and Emergency Medical Responder from American Red Cross
    • Students gain 4 units of Dual Enrollment credit from LTCC for course HEA-106-Emergency Medical Responder
  • Sports Medicine 2
    • This course provides students with a strong sports medicine foundation in the recognition, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.
    • Students are to complete 20 hours as a Student Athletic Trainer
    • Students gain 4 units of Dual Enrollment credit from LTCC for course PET-102A-Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • Sports Medicine 3
    • This course allows students to explore, research, develop & present on 6 different aspects of sports medicine: Injury Prevention, Strength & Conditioning, Motion Analysis, Nutrition/Performance Enhancing Drugs, Injury Rehabilitation & Medical Journal Research.
    • Students are to complete 50 hours as a Student Athletic Trainer
  • Sports Medicine 4
    • This course is a 7 week medical externship opportunity at Barton Memorial Hospital
    • This course is offered every spring term and runs from after spring break until Memorial Day
    • Students shadow healthcare providers in the following departments 3 days/week from 1-5pm
      • Emergency dept, orthopedics, physical therapy, family medicine, operating room, med surg/recovery, radiology/pharmacology
    • Students must have early out and complete all hospital immunization requirements.

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