Dual Enrollment
What is Dual Enrollment?

One way LTCC’s partnership with STHS is fundamentally supporting student success is through a new program called Dual Enrollment Accelerated Learning. This free program offers local high school students an opportunity to earn college and high school credits simultaneously. All LTUSD students are welcome to participate in the DEAL program, which begins by taking College and Career Planning: The 10-Year Plan during 9th grade. Through the program, students are encouraged to state and develop their goals over time, creating a personalized education plan that encourages continuing education and gives high school students a chance to experience a college environment, explore career options, and get a head start on a college degree. For more information about the Dual Enrollment program, call (530) 541-4660 

Why Dual Enrollment?

Great question! Dual Enrollment at Lake Tahoe Community College is an opportunity for ALL South Tahoe High School students to receive high school and college credit at the same time, for FREE! These classes are held throughout the day at STHS so they do not interfere with students’ very full calendars. This experience can significantly increase their prospects for success and graduation from college and/or university.

Benefits of being a Dual Enrollment Student

· Finish college earlier by getting a head start on credits
· Allows an easier transition to college
· Lowers cost of college (credits earned are at no cost)
· Significantly increase your success in college
· Earn high school and college credit at the same time
· It’s FREE!
· Free bus pass valid anywhere in town with your LTCC ID!