Taylor Garcia
Taylor Garcia

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English 9
World Geography

I was raised in the ever-blue South Lake Tahoe, graduating from South Tahoe High. Growing up, I struggled with school and had many challenges at home. Despite this, literature was the tool that kept my head above water. It helped to push me to graduate from Lake Tahoe Community College with an Associates in Humanities, and move to Sacramento and complete my Bachelor’s degree in English at California State University, Sacramento. My time in Sacramento was spent teaching creative writing to students grades 3-12, becoming a coffee wizard, and teaching English to high school seniors in South Sac. I enjoy finding ways to demystify writing, exploring new cultures, and critical thinking to help students see it as something personal and enjoyable. When I am not writing/reading fantasy novels, traveling to eat new strange foods, and hiking with my Fiancee (who is also a graduate from South Tahoe High) I can be found in SV-104 thinking of creative ways to make class exciting.