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Advisory - Monday, March 13

GRADE 12 Slide Deck  - Today’s lesson will wrap up the topic of interview questions and answers.  In the next 2 weeks, students will study example resumés and then write their own, culminating in mock interviews on Apr 3. 

  • Play the Closing Questions Video (7 minutes) and then give students a minute or two to revise/strengthen their closing questions.
  • Closing Questions Group Share (groups of 2 or 3) - 15 minutes
    • Ask each person to share with their group the context (job, internship, college, etc.) for which they would like to practice interviewing, the 3 questions they might ask in their interview and why they chose those particular questions.
    • Ask group members to role play and invent answers for each question.
  • Mock Interview Intro (whole class, then groups) - 5 minutes
  • Next Steps: Resumé Prep  (whole class) - 3 minutes
    • Explain to students that we will be creating resumés to use during our Mock Interviews. Encourage them to bring a printed copy of any brag sheet, resumé or high school activities list that they may have to our next class.  Pass out a HHigh School and Community Activities Log to any student who needs one.

 GRADES 10 and 11 Slide Deck 

  • Announcements/VTV and take roll - 3 minutes
  • How you doing? - SEL Scale of Llamas (pairs) 2 minutes
  •  Major Clarity - Academic Plan/Career Exploration (all class)

Today’s entire lesson time is dedicated to continued work in Major Clarity.  Please pass out the Major Clarity Portfolio Summary page and ask students to complete the front side.  For students who successfully logged in and updated their Academic Plan last week, they can immediately return to Career Exploration and choose another Career area to explore.  They should watch videos, complete activities, read the information, and then give that Career area a Fit Score.  Remind students that the more careers they score, the better Major Clarity’s suggestions will fit their interests.  Collect Portfolio Summaries at the end of class and file them for the students.

  • Please work one on one with students who have been absent or who have not successfully added your classroom code so that you can see their progress.  When you log in to Major Clarity, you will see the students in your Advisory who have already joined your class.
  • Here are the previous instructions:
    •  Ask students to log in to Major Clarity (sign in with Google).  Give them your Classroom Code, (ltusd-108-_______, followed by your first initial and your last name, like your email).  
    • Follow the instructions in the slide deck to help students navigate through the Academic Planning in Major Clarity.  Students will need to choose a pathway to begin.  Students not interested in CTE classes may choose “Undeclared”.
    • Then they will add their current year classes (previous years should have auto-populated), the classes they are planning on for next year and Grade 10 can also add classes for their senior year.
    • Once you have students in your class and their Academic Plan is completed, they may continue to Career Exploration.

GRADE 9 Slide Deck 

  • Announcements/VTV and take roll - 3 minutes
  • How you doing? - SEL Scale of Llamas (pairs) 2 minutes
  • Pair-Share: Challenge Day - 5 minutes
    • Ask students to partner up and share their takeaways or experiences with Challenge Day.
    •  Then ask a couple of students to explain what Acts of Change are.
  •  Keeping It Real Challenge (whole class) - 5 minutes
    • Explain that the Keeping It Real challenge asks students to commit to Acts of Change…actions that show love, appreciation, a desire to make amends and forgiveness...while maintaining a real, sincere attitude. 
    • Show students the Acts of Change slide and explain that we are all going to complete 2. Write a Letter, but that students are welcome to pick other Acts of Change to consider completing this week. 
  • Validation Letter (individual) - 20 minutes
    Pass out the Validation Letter form and give students time to write their letters.