Substitute Resources

Resources for Substitute Teachers

Monday, June 12 Slide Deck

  • Announcements/VTV, sign up for Flex and take roll (5 min)
    • While VTV is playing, remind students that they only need to sign up for Flex class tomorrow (Tuesday).  Thursday, they will report back to Advisory to take roll and leave backpacks, before going to the Senior Send-off rally. Please take roll in Aeries and then login to FlexiSCHED to confirm everyone has signed up for Tuesday Flex.  Remember students who do not sign up will default back to you.
  • Flex/Advisory Survey (individual) - 5 to 10 minutes
    • Ask students to click the link shared in the Canvas announcements to give feedback on Advisory and Flex Time this year.  Or, post the link on your Canvas Advisory page/email to your students. Please relay to students that their responses will be read by the Advisory Team in this week’s meeting and they will influence how Advisory and Flex are run next year.
  • Game Time - Remaining class time
    • Meet up with your Partner Advisory and play Move It or Lose It, Partner Tag or any other game you choose. 

Move It or Lose It Instructions:

  • Decide whether to race against your partner advisory or to mix the students up in teams of equal numbers. 
  • Call out a category.  The first team to line up or group correctly wins a point.
  • Possible Line - ups:  height, hair color (lightest to darkest), birthdates, alphabetical by favorite animal, favorite teacher, favorite class, favorite food, first name, last name, favorite song/musician

Partner Tag:

  • This game works best with an even number of students.  Have all students but 2 pair up and link arms with their partner.  One of the unpaired students is “it” and the other is the runner, trying to not get tagged.
  • The runner may link arms with any pair of students and the student on the opposite side of the pair must detach and run away, trying not to get caught.  
  • If the person who is “it” tags the runner at any time, the runner becomes the new “it” and the previous “it” joins any pair, setting off a new runner. 


Advisory Partners (suggested based on physical proximity of classrooms and grade level):         

Andolina 9 - Peterson 9

Headrick 9 - P. Perazzo 9

Kauffmann 9 - Finnegan 9

Garcia 9 - Sandoval 9

Readinger 9 - Seider 9

Cain 9 - Richardson 9

Ferguson 9 - Briggs 10

Pomeroy 9 - Berry 10

White 9 - Niven 10

Bagheri 10 - T. Martin 10

Anthony 10 - Kinnett 10

Jones 10 - Murphy 10

Hennessee 10 - LeVine 10

McDonald 10 - Grove 10

Nowitzky 10 - Berkshire 11

Tannaci 10 - Amsden 11

Allione 11 - Tirre 11

Tomes 11 - Laurence 11

Anaya 11 - Tillson 11

Davenport 11 - Vermillion 11

M. Filce 11 - Leavitt 11

Norling 12 - Black 12

T. Perazzo 12 - Castles 12

Friedman 12 - Russell 12

Lubrano 12 - Sunzeri 12

Aminian 12 - Heidel 12

Salcedo 11 - M. Martin 12

Group of 3: A. Filce 11

Beavers 12

Cheek 12

  • Senior Advisors Only:  
    • Please pass back to seniors all papers from their Advisory portfolios and remind seniors that they will lose access to their Google Drive at some point after graduation, so they should move any Google Drive content that they want to save to a personal Google account, or download it to their personal computer or other memory device.