Substitute Resources

Resources for Substitute Teachers

Monday, November 6
This week's focus will be Major Clarity.
Students will get logged into the advisor's classroom using the classroom code (first part of teacher email before and work on assessments in Major Clarity. Students will also sign up for FLEX for Tuesday and Thursday next week (no school Friday for Veterans Day) and add what they are grateful for to a leaf for the tree in the SU. 
In addition, senior advisors will have a special guest to give a brief (5 min) presentation about college scholarships and applications. This could happen at any time during the advisory period, senior advisors. 
Nov. 6 lesson materials:
Lesson Presentation (All grades)
Lesson Plan (All grades)
Student portfolio summary (in teacher box)
Leaves for the gratefulness tree (in teacher box)

Monday, October 30

This week in Advisory we are examining the digital habits of our students. 
Senior advisors: Your students earned an ice cream sandwich party. After you take attendance and check to be sure that students have chosen FLEX for Thursday and Friday, head to the Student Union with your class.
Freshmen Handout (in teacher mailbox)
Sophomore Handout (in teacher mailbox)
Junior Handout (in teacher mailbox)
Note that these lessons are designed for 45 minutes, so please do as much as you can. 

Monday, October 23

  • Announcements/VTV, sign up for Flex and take roll (5 min)
    • While VTV is playing, remind students that they need to sign up for Flex class tomorrow (Tuesday), Thursday and Friday.  Please take roll in Aeries and then login to FlexiSCHED to confirm everyone has signed up for Tuesday Flex.  Remember students who do not sign up will default back to their advisor.
  • Momentum Movie (class) - 25 to 30 minutes
    • Finish the Momentum movie started in class last week.
  • Momentum Self Assessment form - Remaining class time
    • Students will follow the link to answer questions connected to the movie.