Sports Medicine

The South Tahoe High School Sports Medicine building is a brand new (built in 2013) state of the art Sports Medicine and Fitness facility with world class equipment and programs designed to help students incorporate technology and function into their education.  The Sports Medicine facility is an 8,000 sq. ft. education and injury treatment facility that includes a SwimEx pool, private treatment rooms, physical therapy and rehab area, athletic training and taping stations, separate fitness center with high performance rehab and exercise equipment along with open floor space for functional movement rehab & treatment.  Students have the opportunity to learn with the “real equipment” that sports medicine professionals use in everyday occupational settings.  South Tahoe Sports Medicine has multiple levels of Student Athletic Trainers that gain sports medicine experience working alongside Certified Athletic Trainers in the training room providing medical coverage, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries to STHS athletes and athletic teams.  South Tahoe High School is proud to have such a unique and unparalleled sports medicine facility to provide exceptional educational opportunities to students and professional-level medical support to our Viking athletes.