End of Year Dates

End of Year Information
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JUNE 3rd - 5th
 MATERIALS RETURN  - Chromebooks, textbooks, library books, etc.
June 5th = Seniors
June 8th = Juniors
June 9th = Sophomores 
June 10th = Freshmen 
Last Day of School 
June 11th
STUDENTS, FINISHING STRONG - It is important to try to get everything into your teachers by the material return date. If you are having challenges due to COVID-19, please check in with your teacher or counselor. 
Each Day: Please try to arrive at the circle during these hours according to last name and grade level. Siblings may bring all materials on one day. If you have issues with transportation please contact our Librarian Mr. Dilts at ddilts@ltusd.org so that we can make arrangements.
A - G →  9:00 AM-11:00 AM
H - O →  11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
P - Z → 1:00 PM -3:00 PM

MATERIALS CHECKLIST Items:Textbooks, Library books, Chromebook, Chromebook Charger, Chromebook Case
Seniors only - Acer Chromebooks may be kept. All HP and Lenovo Chromebooks must be returned. We can give you an Acer Chromebook to take with you if you wish.

PREPARATION Books and Textbooks: If possible, wipe down the outside of any textbooks with a disinfecting wipe. Only wipe down the outside cover.
Chromebooks:  Please clean it with a disinfecting wipe, or a damp soft cloth if a wipe is not available. Return textbooks and library books in a plastic grocery bag, if possible. 

SAFETY AND HEALTH GUIDELINES When arriving at the circle to return items, please remain in your vehicle and someone will help you. For the safety of our staff, please wear a mask during the exchange or speaking with a staff member. Thank you!

SENIORS ONLY If you have an Acer Chromebook, you will not be returning your Chromebook, charger, and case. They are yours to keep. You will receive instructions on how to reset them so you can sign in with a personal Gmail account.